LOIE Machinery

                        ABOUT LOIE

                        Zhoushan LOIE Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd, a company located on the coast of the East China, is located in Jintang Island, the fourth largest island of Zhejiang archipelago. It is close to Shanghai and adjacent to Ningbo Zhoushan Port, the internationally renowned deep-water pier.

                        LOIE Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of screw and barrel. The products are mainly for plastic machinery such as injection molding machine, chemical fiber machine, film blowing machine, extruder and rubber machine and so on.

                        The company’s business also includes mapping, design, repairing and batch processing business. Our advanced screw design and technology will enable customers to obtain value-for-money products!

                        LEADERSHIP MESSAGE

                        Along with the history of the company, I have witnessed the achievement of the goals set by the company in the previous planning. I am proud of working in such an outstanding enterprise! As company’s leaders, we have established an ideal that our mission is to build a career platform from the day we joined into the company. Last year, the chairman gave me the burden of our business management and let me go forward with everyone. I believe that as long as we persist in and carry forward our fine traditions, which is brave in innovation and brave in fight, we must be able to fulfill the requirements from the company's board of directors and realize the various business indicators.